JP & Associates REALTORS® are Full Speed Ahead

Dated: June 17 2019

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One of America’s fastest growing brokerages is poised to be one of America’s fastest growing franchisors. Why and how is this even possible?

We asked one of its franchisees to give us some insights:

Recently, I read an article about choosing the right brokerage. It explained why brokerages are geared for agents at various stages of their careers. As I read, I didn’t understand why this was the standard. Why do you have to pick a brokerage to get started, move to another to help you grow, and yet another for you to be successful? Shouldn’t your brokerage evolve to support you at any stage of your career?

As a former agent, and now owner, I’m uniquely positioned to recognize the change agents want to see. Therefore when I was looking for a franchise partner, I was excited to connect with JP & Associates REALTORS® (JPAR).

JPAR founder, JP Piccinini, has established a culture that is agent-centric. As a former top-producer, he built a company based on what agents wanted… and then he did it for franchisees. Same formula: agents first and franchisees first.

When I decided to open a real estate brokerage, I knew we had to have something fresh—a partner company that embraced the same ideas about fees, training, support, and culture. JPAR checked all of the boxes. They are a full-service brokerage on a transactional fee model. Brick and mortar offices plus all this:

1. BOSSS Hub

JPAR constantly brings the latest and greatest tools from vendor partners to their agents. Starting with B.O.S.S.S., the Broker One Stop Shop System that houses everything you need to do business. It’s a direct portal to each resource the company offers. Truly industry leading.

2. Agent Health Care/Retirement Bonus Plan

When was the last time you signed up for health care through your brokerage or received retirement bonuses? JPAR is changing the game on that. Offering health care plans that make sense to agents and are truly affordable.

3. Technology

JPAR doesn’t need to join the hype about being a technology company. It is a real estate company focused on keeping the main thing the main thing: selling real estate. It provides best in class tech to its agents and franchisees giving us an opportunity every day to grow our business.

4. Training

JPAR’s innovative training tracts that can be tailored to any agent at any stage of their career is nothing short of genius. Hundreds of trainings a month are offered. It’s a massive amount of quality, current and relevant educational material for agents.

5. Support

As I was doing research on franchises, I learned it was a hands-off approach for most. ‘Here’s your brand box, go recruit and good luck,’ they’d say. As JPAR franchisees, we are truly supported in all aspects of our business. From recruiting, retention and of course generating revenue.

All of this while maintaining a transactional model with a productivity standard to ensure they are hiring serious agents.

JPAR provides franchisees a brokerage in a box set up that includes:

  • Training and tools for recruiting
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Discounts and supplier networks
  • Training and centralized support
  • Accounting and compliance processing

And this is just today. They are always evolving and open to ideas to make the brokerage better like the recent rollout of its own ibuyer platform, Instant Offers.

JP is always bringing in the latest technology to give JPAR a competitive advantage. His history as an agent shows in his leadership and it trickles down to the entire staff of the company. When he was laying the groundwork for JPAR, he wanted to build a company that focuses on providing agents with the resources and support it takes to be successful. JP’s vision of what a brokerage should be is evident even into the franchise level.

So, what’s next? JP & Associates REALTORS corporate-owned stores and its to 2,000 agents are already the largest Independent privately held brokerage in Texas for homes sales in just 7 short years. The plan is 50 states by 2023. I am on board this ship and I bet we will get there by 2022.

Learn more about getting onboard with JP & Associates REALTORS.


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