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It was an amazing experience.

.... Jean always answer my calls and answer all my questions. Thanks to Jean, he made the process go as smoothly as possible. Thank you so much for everything!


Alicia's got to be one of the best realtors in Brevard.

She was very kind and considerate while helping me get into a place. I met her when she was selling her father's home. This is my first time owning a home and she was so happy for me. I have never been happier. I will use Alicia again and will be honored to pass on her information to my friends and family. Whoever is looking for a very professional realtor, should work with Alicia. I am very proud of my new home and I am so thankful for Alicia. I hope you are blessed with many more sales. Yours truly, Ronald Wright

Ron W

There are not enough words to describe how awesome Alicia is through the tough process of buying a house especially when I’m in a different state.

Truly recommend. You will not be sorry

Wilton B

We are extremely grateful and please with our experience working with ALICIA HART.

HER PROFESSIONALISM, EXPERIENCE, AND ATTENTION all moments to us through the whole process was by far the best, we will highly recommend to all friends, family and all we know want to buy a home. and we say: THANK YOU ALICIA"


Highly likely to recommend Having to purchase a home from across country we needed to rely on Alicia.

Alicia came highly recommended by acquaintances(3) and their previous experience. She provided excellent advice, showed us a lot of homes, helped secure a mortgage company. Her office works above and beyond always willing to answer questions and attend inspections on our behalf. Best of all SHE ANSWERED THE PHONE

Rick F

I would work with Alicia on every side of real estate.

She was so patient and diligent with me in the process of finding me my home. She was consistent and efficient every step of the way. Throughout our realty time together, the agents involved in other areas complimented her in ways that were shocking to hear. Whether you are a seller, buyer, lender, agent of any kind. Alicia Hart is who you want to work with!

Maritza R

Alicia is amazing.

I would definitely recommend her. She was so helpful and made the whole process easy. I loved working with her. Very positive and she is on top of everything.

Maureen K

Before meeting Alicia, I thought I would never be able to find a place I liked and could afford.

I had dealt with a few (and I understate that) a few Realtors in the area and it was disrespectful and heartbreaking. In less time than anyone else, she found everything I needed even with my indecisive nature. Very professional diligent, respectful, on point and top of her game. Thank you Very much, Alicia Hart.

Paul K

Alicia was very hands-on and professional.

She worked hard to get the Home of my dreams.

Jan O

"Alicia was on top of my quest for a house from the beginning and really understood my needs.

She frequently would reassure me when I had crazy questions and would tell me “I’ve got this” let me do my job, no worries. And she came through every time. Even when I had thoughts about letting the listing go d/t roof issues, she presented all the facts, gave options, then stepped back letting me talk with my family and come up with the best decision for me. I got the house ! and Alicia continued to lead the process to a smooth closing. She’s professional, caring, understanding, never pushy but knew when I needed to be nudged about any issue. My family and I became quick friends and I can hardly wait to invite her to my newly redesigned home party. I highly recommend Alicia to be everyone’s realtor. !!"

Mary B

Junno eres el mejor como Amigo y profesional realtor nos ayudaste en todo con positivismo ánimo a superar y a agilizar todo el proceso con la compra de la casa aquí en la Florida experto en cibernética en relaciones humanas bien positivo y nos llevasteis de la mano te recomiendo un trillón de veces aun con lo que está sucediendo mundialmente superamos todo rápido y efectivo estamos más que agradecidos exito campeón como te decíamos nuestro ángel guardián gracias gracias gracias ?


Jorge Alcoba

- Alicia Hart was with me every step of the way.

She has great personable and professionalism skills above all, to complete the sale of my home. I enjoyed working with her completely.

Gail W

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